More revelations about NSA targeting have been trickling out.  Important Muslims, and people who run privacy software.  We don't run around without clothes on all the time, covering something up is insufficient reason to go in and have a look.  We hear of our trust being broken for the normal reasons, like people passing around nude photos.

  • The Chaos Computer Club reports one of its Tor servers was monitored.
  • The NSA is specifically targeting Tor.
  • Article suggesting using Tor increases risk.
  • Prominent Muslims are targeted.
  • Workers pass around snooped nude photos for their own enjoyment.

    Probably plenty of more sinister breaches are occurring than simply passing around nudes.  Someone like Snowden would likely not have been invited to participate in blackmail.  With private companies involved in NSA spying, it is likely that groups will arise with informants in the NSA, insurance, banking, and tech sector.  An extra-governmental elite, to patrol the invisible line between the haves and the have-nots.
    Recent leaks from the Snowden documents have revealed configuration of the illegal XKEYSCORE collection program.  Analysts have noted the targeting of Tor server operators since around 2010.  These servers, whose development was ironically funded by our government, are used to help reporters and activists avoid reprisals for authoritarian regimes across the globe.  My own analysis of the configuration corfirms that I would have been considered a high value target by the NSA.
    Some may protest this would be so clearly illegal that a human analyst would surely override the automated collection.  However, even staunch Patriot Act supporter John Ashcroft resigned over the illegality of XKEYSCORE's predecessor, STELLAR WIND after standing up to attempt to bully him into acceptance while he was in intensive care.  With the purging of himself and others considered too moderate by the intelligence apparatus, it would be foolish to think the remaining extremists moderated their views.
    While I was not a client of the Tor network, naively believing I lived in a free society, I felt that I should help my fellow man throw off his shackles in some small way.  So I ran my server, taking the riskier steps of allowing its use as an exit node and as a directory mirror.  Might have guessed I did something wrong to be targeted by government misconduct, now it is clear that my misdeed was to stand up for freedom in some small way.
    Activity against me seems to have picked up: a fake account holder posing as an acquaintance asked to meet with me, and I was once again impersonated online.  So, I think it is prudent to schedule this quick post for early release, reiterating how often my claims have been borne out.  That way it will be harder to erase the trail should something occur to silence me.
  • My daughter was taken from my home on obviously fabricated evidence.  Not only was it obvious, officers were caught on tape falsifying reports in my neighborhood, and were eventually indicted.
  • I stated my daughter's life was threatened at SelectQuote Insurance.  We now know the insurance industry worked with the illegal spying program.  
  • False allegations were made online, which can be easily fact checked and disproven.  Two waves of impersonation were used to discredit me.
  • Eventually, SelectQuote turned to foreign organizations in an attempt to stifle legal criticism.
  • Financial rewards were given to those who were most enthusiastic about attempting to harm my daughter.
  • Timing and nature of disinformation seems intended to make it more difficult for me to find legal work, and to give the impression that I have not worked in my profession after I was targeted by the NSA.
I will elaborate further, but I need to schedule this post now.  I've almost arrived at my job.
   I thought I would write a quick notice that LinkedIn has once again taken action against an account with my picture but an understated work history.  Recently, a fake account tried to contact me, but I noticed the incorrect work history.
    In case someone is up to something, I want to get this information out there.  I can analyze the possibilities later.  If someone tries to show you information about me online, make sure that you're looking at the real thing.

    I have recently pointed out the relevancy of Biblical prophecies about the New World Order.  This video, for example, gives a good primer.  Note that I do not agree a with everything these pastors have said elsewhere.  But two plus two equals four, no matter who says it.
    I find this highly relevant of course, because the violence of the State was turned against my then two year old daughter.  The pretext used to justify this violence could not possibly have been true.  Do you not feel that this State sponsored kidnapping was in fact violence?
    Then you should have seen my daughter screaming bloody murder and struggling to stay with me every time she was taken after visitation.  Just because the State asked for the case against me to be dismissed six months later, rather than expose their wrongdoing in court, does not absolve them.
    This does not even count the threat of further violence.  Had I physically resisted the police, my daughter would have gotten to see her Daddy shot.  As it was she was just forcibly kidnapped and thrown into a home with strangers.  This clearly exceeds the threshold of violence that Jesus said we should be prepared to accept.  Jesus did not say turn your daughters' cheeks.
    These same people then turned to the New World Order to cover their misdeeds.  SelectQuote attempted to stifle criticism by turning to the U.N. and WIPO.  Incredibly, they argued that a precedent in Sweden could be used to silence legal free speech here.
    I am very excited to be starting a new contract at Disney Interactive following the long weekend.  My last round of interviews went for more than four hours and gave me a feel for the environment.  I look forward to working with a team who really seems to know their stuff.  The physical office itself is impressive, but even more so are the technologies and practices used to create software in this division.
    Many development shops pay lip service to staying up on the latest techniques and technologies, but everyone I spoke to here seem to have the depth of knowledge that actually comes from using the tools in practice.  Ideas such as code review not only help to create any higher quality software product, but they allow for the cross pollination of ideas between experienced software engineers.
    Many software divisions have that attitude of "we've always done things this way."  Programmers in such shops seem to feel that by sticking to an archaic method they ensure their own job security, as no new programmers are necessarily well versed in whatever cumbersome method they have of doing things.
    I suppose this may be true to a point, but it is hardly professional.  When programmers own their own little silo and it is dangerous for anyone else to touch that code, it really is a sign of a lack of skill.  They are pretty much making a bet that the company will never go outside for a better product that does the same thing.
    The ACLU produced an excellent video on just how intrusive guilt by location can be.  While this video is very persuasive, it is just a hypothetical example.  I'd like to take a look at some more practical and ridiculous possibilities.  While a great deal of the music I listen to is electronic, I do catch a live show from time to time.  Among the bigger names and less offensive to law enforcement are: Anacrusis; Stone Temple Pilots and Megadeth; Megadeth, White Zombie and Pantera; Metallica; One Violent Green; Rush, Perfect Circle and Nine Inch Nails, The Damned, and Offspring.
    What does a concert look like to location-obsessed law enforcement?  At the very least the concert goer is colocated with those nefarious cannabis smokers.  I've been to a number of concerts where this is probably the main 'threat'.  Near the beginning of my troubles, during the time of known NSA location sharing with Federal agents, I went to a concert that was much more sinister in the eyes of law enforcement.
FBI nemesis:
Psychopathic Records
    On Friday the 13th of November in 2009 I caught Insane Clown Posse at a packed concert in the Warfield.  I wasn't familiar with their music but the energy of the crowd and their showmanship made it one of the best concerts I've attended (though I did need the whole Faygo thing explained to me).  The problem is that the FBI and the state of California regard the hardcore ICP fans, juggalos, as a criminal organization.
    You'd think we'd hear more stories of this one million member gang ruthlessly driving out the mafia, Mexican cartels and assorted street gangs.  Realistically, this is just law enforcement once again exaggerating a threat.  They are probably only more inclined to do so because so many ICP fans wear face paint that can foil ever present surveillance and facial recognition.