My rankings in Google continue to under-perform other search engines by a wide margin. I'm not on the first page for SelectQuote Review. So I am heartened by Firefox's recent switch of the default search provider to Yahoo!  While the holiday season is terrible for life insurance, every little bit will help come January.
    It is hard to see how Google can find my site to be of no value.  All of my assertions are being demonstrated to be true.  A successful class action for Labor violations, allegations of discrimination, drug theft, identity theft, impersonation, and now we see I was on the money regarding dirty cops.
    When I first began, a might have looked like just another disgruntled ex-employee of SelectQuote.  But I keeping backing up everything I've said.
    I'm telling you, they threaten to kill children.  I can't prove it, but I've proven everything else I've said.  Look at their track record, then look at mine.  Given the people running the show, and the people who actually threaten to kill children, you have to take them at their word.
    Certainly they aren't going to step to an adult, they've got cops in their pocket should they be intercepted on their way to smaller targets.  People need to understand, the next time SelectQuote tries something, just look the other way.  And certainly don't finance them through your life insurance business.
    I am now working as a Senior Software Engineer at CollabNet.  I'd like to make clear that the opinions and information on this blog our my own, and do not reflect an official CollabNet position.  This is true even in posts which have to do with areas of CollabNet expertise, such as Continuous Integration or software configuration management (as creators of the Subversion revision control software).
    Cheaper computing power has made larger, more complex problems theoretically tractable.  In reality, this puts greater burdens on the programmer.  So I'm excited to work at a company which seeks to simplify the development of enterprise software.  For such efforts, CollabNet has been in the SD Times 100 for eleven straight years, among other accolades.
    Sometime around the end of elementary school or early junior high, I endeavored to read the Bible.  I had been to Bible school and church, but I decided to start at the beginning and read straight through, skipping all the begats.  An unedited read of the Old Testament without guidance was problematic for a young mind.
    The Old Testament has a number of irrelevant details about lifespans and the time it took to create the world that did not stand up to modern knowledge, but that was the least of my concerns.   A woman was turned into a pillar of salt simply for looking back at her home's destruction, mass drowning of nearly everyone on earth, God said don't kill, but then ordered the Jews to kill almost everyone in sight.
    I stopped with the books of Moses, thinking that the creator deity could not be on the same side as Jesus.  I could not see any continuity between the Old and New Testaments.  Now I can see what life must have been like under other gods, and surmise God decided to get everyone in line before He would offer up His Son to provide a means of salvation to people of all nations.
    The ability to stop a bull's charge with a brain implant was demonstrated nearly five decades ago.  Advances in brain research since have only increase the chance of authoritarian use.  Soon men will be able to aspire to be little demons.
    Even where governments don't directly control the media, fewer and fewer hands are on the reins, and an independent press has been weakened even in the land of the free.  It is becoming obvious how a slavery that we can't even see will become possible by gaining control of a few of the right people.
    One day all will cower in the mountains and cry for the rocks to kill them rather than face the wrath of God and the Lamb.  How will we earn such fury from Jesus, who got on the cross and died, that we might live?  Such will be Their anger that Their two witnesses will kill those who attempt to stop their prophecy.
    You have probably read by now that Ian Furminger and Ed Robles were found guilty in a federal corruption trial in San Francisco. These officers, along with Reynaldo Vargas, who already pleaded guilty, were working out of Mission Station.
    The investigation was launched after video of police misconduct in the South of Market neighborhood of San Francisco was publicized by Public Defender Jeff Adachi.  This led to numerous accusations of police misconduct coming out, but relatively few were actually prosecuted.
    We all know that it is nearly impossible to make something stick to a police officer.  Prosecution and law enforcement are on the same side normally.  If the public's automatic acceptance of police testimony over that of the accused is challenged, a whole class of laws would be nearly impossible to prosecute.
    Not to mention, notice when police are accused, they aren't usually arrested.  They always have both lawyers and professional spokesmen from their union spinning the story their way the whole time.  As they aren't stuck in jail, the trial may be delayed years if it's in their favor.  In San Francisco especially, due to low home ownership, the accused normally must organize their defense from a cell.
    While the corruption trial involving San Francisco police officers has given me new evidence, it's hard to miss that it doesn't appear anyone has rolled thus far due to my incontrovertible evidence of perjury on a police report alleging child abuse.  There is one more trial left, but I had to try a second channel to even speak to someone.
    I couldn't prove police involvement in an attempt to kill my daughter, so I thought a lesser charge handed to them on a silver platter might get somewhere.  Not holding my breath.  I figure some Bay Area law enforcement might greatly appreciate a young boy's mouth.  It only takes a few in the right places to make bribery possible.
    I feel like God has mercifully said, "Well Tom Dunham, do the idolaters' children look so innocent now?  I was right about the Canaanites, wasn't I?"
    You got me there, God.  Certainly I don't mean to imply I've received divine orders on this matter, and what appears a blessing for them now could easily become a curse.  The antichrist would deceive even those chosen by God to resist, if that were possible. (source: Jesus, Olivette discourse, recounted in the three synoptic gospels)
    I do monitor some of the more important search queries that lead to my site.  Should Michelle Tan go after anyone else's children, and they get suspicious, I hope that I can help confirm those suspicions before it's too late.  She goes by the first name Michelle, rather than Min, which is what is on her public records.
    At the same time, I'd like to minimize the effects on innocent bystanders.  While it seems obvious to me who I mean, a student from Singapore shows up higher in search queries.  I see she is now at Stanford.
    Since I've been in Silicon Valley much more often recently, on a contract or to speak about new opportunities, I'd just like to make crystal clear that I don't even know this woman.
   Mind control has come a long way since Jose Delegado's 1965 experiment in which he stopped a charging bull with a remote control to a brain implant.  This video referencing the experiment points out that Delgado has more recently had success with receiverless mind altering technology (called lidas in the U. S. S. R., I do believe).

    The publicly available research is quite amazing.  A lot of it is going on right here in California, and anecdotally I've heard Some of the Dartmouth research is coming out this way.  Much of it is funded by the government, DARPA in particular, so it is hard to believe that all of this is going to only benign applications.

    When I speak of speak of Signs of Greatness, don't think I mean it will only happen in San Francisco.  From public reports, we know the technology is coming together to make a Mark of the Beast.  Eventually, they will be able to put a chip in your head that 'helps' you remember Jesus has already returned, in the form of Great Leader.
   Recently, I did not appear for the search phrase "selectquote review" until the bottom of the second page of Google's results.  I hold the first result on both DuckDuckGo and Yahoo.  Unfortunately for me, search traffic share means I really must pay more attention to the poor Google result.
    It wasn't always this way.  Early in 2012, I was competitive for "selectquote", which has been the query I've been targeting.  I know SelectQuote used to get the lion's share of their search traffic from this phrase.  As I was getting my criticism to show up near their site in the results, I raised the possibility that some of this traffic would check out my site as well.  Upon hearing both sides, there isn't a good reason for a consumer to choose SelectQuote over another broker.
    Now I'm not even ranking for my own name!  I took a short hiatus towards the end of 2012, and this is where my rankings took a hit.  SelectQuote hired a reputation management firm to attempt to take my domain, and set up similar interlinked domains to try to force my site off the first page for their prime queries.
    I tried to fight back by closely following Google statements on how they determine a website's relevance to a query from it's content.  I adapted to microdata, and tried to keep in mind semantically similar phrasings of this site's main thrust.
    I also jumped on local SEO.  After all, this blog has tended to be most relevant to people in the San Francisco bay area, and SelectQuote does good business locally (higher incomes require more insurance).  However, Google+ and Google Places were originally separate.  Also, a Place had to be a business.
    The more I think about it, the more SelectQuote's apparent co-operation with dirty vice cops stinks.  SelectQuote is operating as we'd expect a drug cartel would.  I'll just do a quick round-up of a few points, as I'm predicting little traffic over the long weekend.  Maybe I'll catch a few people in time to spark some discussion over turkey.

    A government has truly become great when it can interfere in every aspect of your life, with conflicting goals that are obviously at odds with it's stated mission.  A good example would be when a non-profit funded by them tells you it is domestic violence to tell your wife that an immigration issue can result in jail if ignored, when another arm is trying to make a case that she has committed marriage fraud.
    Signs that the SelectQuote falsely told the police that I was a drug dealer are getting hard to ignore.  While it would be tempting to suspect that they were simply trying to eliminate competition, I'm skeptical.  While I'm not familiar with the inner workings of drug cartels, my impression is while they might try to kill me and my daughter could get caught in the crossfire, they would not specifically target her.  SelectQuote is nothing so benign as a drug gang.
    I've mentioned that stories from my past have come up in strangely wrong ways at work before.  Testimony during the police corruption trial has increased the impression, and I've had further cases of what appeared to be attempts to dig for information without asking.  Someone quickly and discretely threw a crumpled piece of paper on my desk (so I threw it away).  Possible reference to how the SFPD deals meth?  People started referring to each other with the Japanese honorific san one day.  Rather out of place.
    Then there is the obvious tactic of Child Support freezing all of my family's assets, on a case involving my little girl who lives with me.  This affected my work.  I had to put my ring up for collateral to take the train to work, and I wasted time trying to convince people that their assertions were beyond idiotic.  Of course, they needed my work affected, because even though they have more lawyers, their claims are beyond idiotic.  If I get a lawyer, the playing field is a little less lopsided.
    I noticed something interesting in the testimony of Cesar Hernandez in the government's case against Edmond Robles.  When Cesar eventually turned in a competitor, Edmond came back to him with money and a piece of methamphetamine in crumpled tissue worth between $200 and $400, and told Cesar that he was his friend.
    I find this interesting due to a conversation I had with police at Southern Station when I came to them with evidence of employees of SelectQuote attempting to harm my daughter.  It was the Fall of 2011, and I had more information on SelectQuote.  I had learned that the woman who broke into my apartment was not my (then estranged) wife.  I also learned that Michelle Tan and Ian Kirwan worked together to cover-up threats against my daughter's life.
    The cop behind the desk wouldn't take my information, and she called for another officer to come speak to me.  He pretended to sympathize with me, and said he'd like me to think of him as my friend.
    Well, I guess it's my fault for never calling him up to have a few beers, but we didn't keep in touch.  I chalked it up to some sort of police mind game, but I never figured out what he was after.  It could have been something else entirely, but Cesar Hernandez's testimony raises the possibility that the police thought that they had something on me.