I've written about the five current vice officers (some working my neighborhood) who came under indictment.  Given misconduct caught on video started in South of Market back in 2010, this has been a long road.  Finally one additional officer who no longer works for the San Francisco Police Department has plead guilty.
     I'm happy to hear that progress is still being made despite the vacuum left by Attorney General Eric Holder.  Holder had shown leadership in investigating corrupt police, and finally in bringing an impartial investigation to Ferguson.
    It seems like AGs have a limited lifespan after standing up to unmitigated power.  John Ashcroft was felled in his stand against Stellar Wind (XKEYSCORE), and Holder took the big hit for Ferguson.
SelectQuote San Francisco headquarters.
    I've been pretty busy with work recently, and I haven't had much of a chance to follow up on Lisa Lillard's post. The first thing that jumps out at me is that it appears SelectQuote is employing a divide and conquer strategy to keep works down. Lisa having an African American husband, and going through chemotherapy suggests to me that she has perspective, and probably doesn't blame every little problem on African Americans.
    Perhaps some of the powers at be feel workers are too inclined to listen to one another these days.  Management decided something needed to be done to isolate groups and keep resentment on other workers, not the bosses.
    A few more details have leaked out. A central figure in the allegations is a Shannon Cannon. Sources have alleged a string of incidents from him, but nothing has stuck. Another important angle to this story is the identity theft. Recall attempts to fake online profiles of a couple of ex-SelectQuote employees.
    SelectQuote operates Affordable Care Act exchanges in some states. If the government is pushing people towards these fraudsters, the damage could multiply.  Sources suggest as many as 20 life insurance agents quit in response to troubles at the company.   Also mentioned in passing were oddities such as video cameras in the bathrooms.
    One of my sources in Kansas City has brought up further allegations against SelectQuote Senior.  Executives' affairs within the office, sex parties, identity theft, and prescription drug fraud.  I'll let Lisa tell it in her own words, before editorializing or bringing up further information I have received.  From her post on my Facebook page:
Lisa Lillard-Austin
More in the world of SelectQuote Senior division:
Recently an agent by the name of Shannon Cannon was arrested on the job for IDENTITY THEFT AND PRESCRIPTION DRUG FRAUD in Leawood, KS. Did SelectQuote terminate this man? No. Instead they keep him writing Medicare policies! I found a total of 9 felony charges brought against this man and yet management keeps him. Why might you ask? He is a black male who is part of the "boys club" at work. See management has been letting African Americans run all over any other race in the office right down to physically harming white employees, including myself. Also most, not all, of the executive team is having inter office affairs and most are married and they protect each other's secrets, or so they thought. These are not wild nor random accusations, they are fact and there is factual evidence right down to sex parties at Leigh Montgomery's home with other employees. Recently 15 agents simultaneously resigned because of behaviors witnessed directly by them between said agent and two members of management. Inappropriate touching as well as caressing. Would you want your Medicare information with someone who steals it? Did the company notify Medicare or potential clients who might have been affected? No, they never notified anyone. Don't do business with a company that employs an identity thief and fraudulently obtains prescription drugs? And believe this, he wasn't the only one who got arrested for these crimes!

    As I look through Google's reports, it is sometimes mystifying how people get to my pages from certain phrases.  A popular one lately is Michelle Mei Tan.  Perhaps someone is confusing Michelle Min Tan, and Director Ian Kirwan's wife, May Yun Chu.  She sometimes consulted on Java work.
    Michelle Tan does seem to be a source of confusion.  Michelle Lee is also a source of visits, perhaps related to Michelle Tan's husband Jong Lee, who has been in the thick of things.
    People search for a lot of sex on the internet, I've occasionally written stories that might get some of these clicks: spurious data analysis on women who read a popular book series involving bondage and power play, sexier advertising, and absurd laws on consensual oral sex.
    Less clear is where queries involving hurting sex, how to have sex without it hurting, and unwanted sex.   It isn't a relationship to these topics in Google's eyes due to 50 Shades of Grey.  The queries predated that article.
    Also, I see slave religion, slave wanted poster, and others.  I'm not seeing on or off page seo factors leading to ranking for these terms.  This is mystifying in contrast to relative weakness on SelectQuote and select quote related queries.
    Some core topics are sticking, I get great variety on SFPD, San Francisco police, and some of the officers involved in scandal.  I'd think my blog is most valuable for people researching SelectQuote before dealing with them, but it is good to have some recognition on general interest topics.
    Which is more like the Boston Tea Party, the Ferguson protests or the Tea Party?  I know that there can be a tendency to dismiss such a protest, by saying "Look at those people destroying their own neighborhood."  But they have forced the world to notice Ferguson, which really were pretty long odds.
    The community seems pretty organized, and really they are showing a fair amount of restraint.  Not that I have statistics, but sometimes it seems like when white people finally have had enough of government baloney, they go the lethal lone wolf route.  Escalation to lethal force isn't always the answer, but I wonder if a little of our peanut butter in the Ferguson protestors' chocolate would give them more power.
    The kind of lone wolf that cause massive manhunts tends to have a hunting/survivalist background.  If a bunch of men from Ferguson participated in deer season this year, would authorities take them more seriously?  A typical 308 Winchester round at 500 yards is going to have two to three times as much energy as 9mm at the muzzle.
    On Friday, September 19th, I spoke to counsel who told me that because the Department of Child Support Services (DCSS) and related agencies advised my wife not to close her case, we could file and ask for reimbursement of the $8000+ I have paid DCSS since she moved in on April 1st.  The Department must think I have a case, because they seized our joint bank account on the 26th.
    I spoke to Heather and Marsha at DCSS on the 29th and 30th.  They stated that the Department should not take the last $3000 from a parent who is paying them (over $500 a week).  They also stated the lien would be lifted.  Instead the Department seized 100% of my family's savings.  Obviously not to pay my wife, as they took it from our joint account.  They clearly did this to avoid litigation that would force them to pay the mother on the case, which is the stated mission of the department.
    By taking not just $500 per week, but 100% of both parents' income and savings, the Department shows that they are afraid that they will not prevail in court.  By taking all of our money, they will not have to face a lawyer, but rather we must represent ourselves.  Not only have they seized all of my income, by forcing me to take time off to deal with this, they are jeopardizing my ability to support my wife and daughter, who I live with, and who are the only people who have a case involving me with the Department.
     Obviously, I will have more to say on this gross perversion of the mission of DCSS when I have the time.
Update: Mom's lawyer, from a non-profit receiving government funds, withdrew when Mom moved back in with Dad.
    SelectQuote did not work alone.  The San Francisco police department has had a hand in these matters.  It is hard for some to imagine misconduct from the police, so let me provide some general examples of wrongdoing first.
    Sergeant Ian Furminger (not to be confused with SelectQuote's Director Ian Kirwan) and his cohort provide perhaps the most relevant example.  Some of these cops were working in my neighborhood.    They were caught on tape performing illegal searches stealing and falsifying police reports.  Some of them are also accused of conspiring to sell drugs.
    These San Francisco police officers have finally been indicted by a Federal grand jury.  In a fairly rare move the justice department is seeking criminal charges for their misconduct.  Of course, this sort of thing is not unheard of in vice squad work.  Across the bay in Contra Costa County, their vice squad, and associated private investigators, were engaged in all sorts of misdeeds.
    Then there's the Richard Hastings saga.  He first came into the spotlight after shooting a black teenager who skipped out on bus fare in the Bayview District.  Witness accounts deviated from the official version of that event.  As is usual, the official version one out, and Hastings was decorated by the SFPD for the incident.
    Later, in Concord, Hastings was picked up for having sex with an underaged boy.  Though he was initially released, the investigation continued, and Hastings was additionally facing charges of child porn.  Images of children as young as eight were found on his phone.  Nonetheless, this trial has seemed to have dropped out of the news.
    So when I say my daughter was placed in foster care for a month on fabricated evidence, it shouldn't be that shocking.  You know the evidence was fabricated because it included statements made by my daughter, back when she was only speaking few words, and was not able to string them into sentences.  The 'evidence' never made it into a courtroom.
    After my scheduled visitations were over, Abby would scream and cry as she was taken away by strangers.  This was no minor misconduct, the San Francisco police turned the violence of the State against a two year old girl.  At least she was placed with my than estranged wife after the initial month.  Legal maneuvering in family court would take another four months, before Child Protective Services asked for dismissal without a hearing.
    It is fairly easy to trick someone dealing with big stuff, by setting him up on something smaller.  If nothing else, you can just pile on small stuff until you eventually overwhelm him.  It is even worse when you then turn around and act like the victim has done something wrong.  This is probably what Vice President Biden was getting at when he dropped the slur Shylock to describe bad loans being pushed on servicemen overseas.
    I don't read much Shakespeare, which is the origin of the term.  Well, the world kills Jews fairly often, and as compensation we dropped them in the middle of a desert surrounded by people who want to kill them.  So, its easy to see why they would jump on anything that might be anti-Semitic.  Personally, I've always heard such behavior referred to as shystie (y?), as in acting like a shyster.
     I've never heard that as a reference to Judaism, and the etymologies I've come across suggest the term comes from the German, to defecate.  So, I think any reference to Judaism is archaic, if it ever existed.  Maybe we need a new shorthand term, just in case, as this behavior is rampant.  Kind of like I wouldn't call someone niggardly, even though it isn't actually a racial slur.  Can we contract sneaky, dishonest bastard somehow?
    I suppose Biden probably wouldn't use shyster in front of a bunch of lawyers, either.  The state of law is pathetic these days, and lawyers are the public face.  So you can see how shyster gets affixed to them quite often.  It come down to the rich being able to do almost anything, and everyone else is just waiting to be screwed if they piss someone off.
    When it comes to a legal beating, few are rich enough to stand for long.  Everyone has done something.  So it is pure selective enforcement, giving to much power to prosecutors, cops, and particularly conniving and rich individuals.
    For example, I engaged in cunnilingus multiple times in Missouri before 2003 (when the law was struck down.)  I din't have too many 'victims', but I victimized the ones I had repeatedly.  Some victims were even willing to drive 90 miles to be victimized.  If I had more than two women in any of my Mechanical Engineering classes, I might have offended even more.
    Jong Shyan Lee and Michelle Min Tan may not call every shot, but they are executing the orders.  This is not to say that they are beleagured worker bees, they own four San Francisco area homes. 
    It was Michelle who threatened to kill my daughter.  During the winter and spring of 2010, I was getting an increasingly hostile vibe from her, without explanation.
    Around this time, she began working from home half of the time.  When she did come to work, I began overhearing threatening conversations about my daughter, when she left her desk. It was at the edge of my hearing, and doubted myself at the time.  I had asked if anything was wrong, she was noncommittal.
    Prior to all this, Jong, whom I'd never seen before, came in to SelectQuote.  At the time, I had no idea who he was, but now it appears a deal was made.
    I've covered all this in greater detail previously, but I hope this serves as a reminder that following orders is no excuse.
    I've been focusing on other divisions of SelectQuote and other topics for a little while now.  So here's a refresher on the goings on at SelectQuote in San Francisco.  It appears as if I was causing some consternation where I left off, as SelectQuote seems to have been escalating tactics.  This high level view may provide a clue as to the reason:
  • A new attempt to impersonate me on LinkedIn is made, right as I start a new contract with Disney.  Work history is greatly understated.  I assume that something I was writing was becoming uncomfortable, that my story was getting too believable, and SelectQuote was making a last ditch effort to end my career. 
  • I point out Michelle Tan and SelectQuote seemed to be relying on these impersonations, which, if successful, make it easier for her to dismiss my story.
  • I uncovered the impersonation of a second SelectQuote employee, who also didn't leave under happy circumstances.  The owner of the fake account posed as him in an attempt to lure me into a meeting.
  • The revelations about the NSA's ICREACH, used to share data with outside organizations, makes the possible use of federal resources due to SelectQuote's manipulation all the more likely.  Insurance data is used by the NSA, industry bigwigs like Charan Singh may have the know how to bring suspicion on enemies.  Because I ran a Tor server, it wouldn't have taken much.
  • I reported on poor use of Kansas funds to subsidize these miscreants.  
  • SelectQuote tried to use WIPO rulings to silence me.
  • False allegations were made online, which can be shown to be false.  Impersonation was used to discredit me.
  • Jong Shyan Lee and Min Michelle Tan were rewarded handsomely for covering up the threats against my daughter.
  • My daughter's life was threatened at SelectQuote Insurance.  
  • SelectQuote seemed to be aware of some of the problems I faced at home.  The timing of a break-in and subsequent thefts are suspicious, as well.
    It has been nearly two years since I defeated an attempt by SelectQuote to seize this domain.  I was up against lawyers who specialized in reputation management, didn't even know the rules for the fight.  It seemed like every option in the Universal Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy that would help the defendant, could cost in the thousands.
    I've received reports that witnesses to the scandal at SelectQuote Senior are receiving legal threats.  Someone has asked for my advice.  If you can afford a lawyer, get one.  It's what they do for a living.
    While anyone can look up a law governing a situation, a lawyer will more quickly find other laws that may apply, how the courts have interpreted it, and the leanings of the local judiciary. Plus, there are procedural rules about when and how issues can be raised, and if you don't do this right, you're screwed right out of the gate.