What is wrong with humor in San Francisco?  I came across this in our major paper, deriding the Muppets for casting Miss Piggy as the love interest for Kermit.  I guess the high born Miss Piggy could not conceivably stoop so low as to date some guy from a swamp.  Hello?  The Muppets are supposed to be funny.  This mismatch is something people in the middle of the country laugh about.  They call it humor.
    The writer would probably claim he was being ironic.  This seems to be the word to use when you're caught being a horse's rear, and you need to recover in a way that makes you look smart.  It seems to work quite well in critic's circles.
    Consider San Francisco artist and Satanist Steven Johnson Leyba, whose work seems to garner no negative reviews.  He claims Native American ancestry, and his work features poop.  It literally contains feces.  "I think your work is crap!"  "It is crap, just like America's treatment of my people was crap."  "Oh, I see.  How ironic.  I guess it is good."
    I've covered before how this same Satanist featured sodomy with a crucifix during his protest of the Patriot Act.  While he has written a screed portraying those who blanched at such a spectacle as just not being tough enough to take it, Leyba having anal sex was not what I came to see.  Nor did I ever figure out what it had to do with the Patriot Act.
    The insurance industry has its share of bigwigs who know how to exploit the system.  Votes in their favor were raised as possibly an example of Leland Yee's pay for play influence peddling.  While most of the money appears to have come from health insurers, a lobbying organization mentioned represents California life insurers as well.
    There is no obvious link their there was with an SFPD scandal, that can be seen by 'little people' like me.  The Leland Yee scandal does show that San Francisco offers fertile soil for the wealthy, politicians, and gangsters to work together on nefarious schemes.  A veteran insurance executive such as SelectQuote's Charan Singh would have the connections to get in on this dirty game, should he so choose.
    Yee is a pretty big fish on the local scene - he was the front runner for mayor until Ed Lee entered the race.  He and his cronies are alleged to have gotten proclamations passed on behalf of Chinatown gangsters, worked with them on arms deals, and even a murder-for-hire.  Threatening to kill someone's daughter to get someone's husband a job would not be out of line with this crowd.  So covering the situation up should just be a matter of negotiating a price.
    Fascism and Communism describe two different path to the same goal - the few worst members of society get complete control over everyone less corrupt and devious.  State Senator Leland Yee seems to have been envious of all the scandal fun on the law and order Republicratic Right.  He stepped up for the Marxist Left in a big way by arranging arms deals through the Chee Kung Tong.
    Yee is a major supporter of gun control.  Providing Chinese gangsters with automatic weapons while chipping away at legal gun ownership really says it all.  26 people were arrested in all, on charges from murder-for-hire to influence peddling.  Of course, brazenness on the Left isn't anything too unusual in San Francisco.
    Yee took this to the next level, however.  Every gun law comes with the implied caveat that criminals will probably ignore the law, whereas law abiding citizens will be disarmed.  Yee went the extra step and armed the criminals himself.
    Searching for work is a full-time job.  This is always true, of course.  I've found it especially so given that I can usually expect two to three rounds of interviews, and often a software development test.  Sometimes those tests are merely 90 minutes of work, but sometimes a company wants more than a trivial sample.
    I often pass these tests (code performs as specified, unit tests pass) only to be edged out in the the last round of interviews.   This is becoming a fair code base that has not been used at any company.  The flip side to this is that it is not covered under an NDA.
    So I really didn't need to be that much of a dick to get rid of Aol.  They probably didn't read my post.  They couldn't find me by account and routing number, but fortunately I happened to remember three phone numbers ago.  Then they gave me my user name and password, and three months of free service so I can look at my benefits before cutting them.  A $1000 dollar warranty on my computer doesn't cost $10 bucks a month, so unless they missed something, Aol is on the way out.
    This theme segues nicely into something I've been considering for awhile.  The Left has no real power so long as no one is willing to be a dick.  When I got here, I went to artists' parties in abandoned warehouses.  A law was passed to make those spaces legal.  Now only the rich live in live-work lofts.
    A tax subsidy is given to groceries that operate under affordable housing units.  The nearest such grocer to me is a Harvest Urban Market.  One of the most expensive groceries known to man.  They have good food, but definitely perverted the intent of that law.
    Providing 24/7 support is essential in my profession.  To do this effectively, one must always be connected.  Early in my career, I signed up for two different ISPs to ensure I could always get connected.  Given the reliability of my primary, Sonic.net, I never needed to use my back-up, Aol.
    I've had an Android smartphone for some time now, so I have a back-up through laptop tethering.  I forgot about that old Aol account, and finally went to cancel it.  Can I do it online?  No.  How about the customer service Interactive Voice Response.  No.  Transfer to human?  They hung up.
    This is just a shot in the dark, but sometimes truth is stranger than fiction.  We see Sergeant Ian Furminger has been indicted by a federal grand jury.  The Ian Kirwan I worked for made smart-alec comments to me about selling drugs.  Strangers would walk up to me around that time, asking to buy drugs.  Did SelectQuote's Ian get wind of the other Ian's racket, and decide to climb aboard?
    My apartment was broken into, stuff was stolen, my daughter taken away on obviously falsified testimony from the police.  Her life was threatened.  Not to my face, always when Michelle Tan walked away, right at the edge of my hearing.  She and her husband Jong Lee were well rewarded for her dirty deeds.
    She probably did it because I brought a Bible in to work.  I wasn't the first to do so, nor did I ever talk about religion.  But with so much going wrong around me, for no reason, and with people making me think that I was hearing things, I just wanted it there for a source of strength.
   You may have noticed that I'm no longer using the Blogger mobile template for this website.  Making sure that all internal links pointed to the right version of the site left me wondering if search engine spiders were understanding completely why there were two versions.  As responsive web design is getting a fair amount of ink, I opted to go for that approach instead.
   Now I'm using CSS media queries to display the same information differently for low resolution screens.  If you blow this up onto a large, lo-res TV screen you could also get the mobile design. The assumption is that the smaller resolution screens are smartphones (which account for nearly half of my traffic.)  On all screens, in article body text I go back to the old convention of underlining links.  This should make navigation easier, regardless of color-blindness.

  Even in the modern world, it is sometimes easier to come to a correct position through faith than by reason alone.  Many answers supplied by science are easy to misunderstand or apply incorrectly.  Or one can take only a cursory look at a historical situation and just go with the knee jerk reaction.  God, of course, will get the problem solved at some point.
    In good example of a problem deeper than it looks has to do with various false gods, Baals (Hebrew pl. Baalim) worshiped near Israel.  Their worship involved propitaitory child sacrifice, human sacrifice, intentionally a cutting oneself, and temple prostitutes.  The God of Israel ordered that their worshipers be killed, cities be burned down, and to take nothing.
    The Israelites failed to take down these false gods, and were punished along the way.  When I was young and foolish, I thought it was rather severe of God to punish them for a failure to commit genocide.  I even temporarily turned to a heresy, Gnostic Christianity, to resolve my feelings about the appearance of conflicting messages in the Old and New Testaments.
    When you look at the history of these peoples, it turns out that God was right.  In addition to child sacrifice to Moloch and Baal, you have examples such as treaty conditions requiring the right eye of each Israelite being gouged out.