The more I think about it, the more SelectQuote's apparent co-operation with dirty vice cops stinks.  SelectQuote is operating as we'd expect a drug cartel would.  I'll just do a quick round-up of a few points, as I'm predicting little traffic over the long weekend.  Maybe I'll catch a few people in time to spark some discussion over turkey.

    A government has truly become great when it can interfere in every aspect of your life, with conflicting goals that are obviously at odds with it's stated mission.  A good example would be when a non-profit funded by them tells you it is domestic violence to tell your wife that an immigration issue can result in jail if ignored, when another arm is trying to make a case that she has committed marriage fraud.
    Signs that the SelectQuote falsely told the police that I was a drug dealer are getting hard to ignore.  While it would be tempting to suspect that they were simply trying to eliminate competition, I'm skeptical.  While I'm not familiar with the inner workings of drug cartels, my impression is while they might try to kill me and my daughter could get caught in the crossfire, they would not specifically target her.  SelectQuote is nothing so benign as a drug gang.
    I've mentioned that stories from my past have come up in strangely wrong ways at work before.  Testimony during the police corruption trial has increased the impression, and I've had further cases of what appeared to be attempts to dig for information without asking.  Someone quickly and discretely threw a crumpled piece of paper on my desk (so I threw it away).  Possible reference to how the SFPD deals meth?  People started referring to each other with the Japanese honorific san one day.  Rather out of place.
    Then there is the obvious tactic of Child Support freezing all of my family's assets, on a case involving my little girl who lives with me.  This affected my work.  I had to put my ring up for collateral to take the train to work, and I wasted time trying to convince people that their assertions were beyond idiotic.  Of course, they needed my work affected, because even though they have more lawyers, their claims are beyond idiotic.  If I get a lawyer, the playing field is a little less lopsided.
    I noticed something interesting in the testimony of Cesar Hernandez in the government's case against Edmond Robles.  When Cesar eventually turned in a competitor, Edmond came back to him with money and a piece of methamphetamine in crumpled tissue worth between $200 and $400, and told Cesar that he was his friend.
    I find this interesting due to a conversation I had with police at Southern Station when I came to them with evidence of employees of SelectQuote attempting to harm my daughter.  It was the Fall of 2011, and I had more information on SelectQuote.  I had learned that the woman who broke into my apartment was not my (then estranged) wife.  I also learned that Michelle Tan and Ian Kirwan worked together to cover-up threats against my daughter's life.
    The cop behind the desk wouldn't take my information, and she called for another officer to come speak to me.  He pretended to sympathize with me, and said he'd like me to think of him as my friend.
    Well, I guess it's my fault for never calling him up to have a few beers, but we didn't keep in touch.  I chalked it up to some sort of police mind game, but I never figured out what he was after.  It could have been something else entirely, but Cesar Hernandez's testimony raises the possibility that the police thought that they had something on me.
    As I am available for new software engineering opportunities now, I don't want to give companies a reason to screen me out before we've had a chance to speak.  I was looking at a post on LinkedIn about things to avoid after loosing your job.  A good point raised was that potential employers don't want someone with a lot of anger over their last job.
    With that in mind, I'd like to make clear that time has shown my concerns to be bigger than myself.  As I have firsthand knowledge of an organization that is in conflict with the public interest, I see it as my civic duty to speak up.  I have been in front of, or at least current, with the following issues:

    I was told that my position at Disney Interactive is going offshore.  The RESTful services I worked on are going to go live last I heard, but after we hit the testing phase, I found out that my contract term would be cut short.  I'd hoped for a longer stint or a permanent position, but I saw firsthand from other projects winding down that the bright forecasts from Southern California executives weren't necessarily matching staffing decisions.
    After all, from their perspective, people spent much more money going to see The Avengers, Frozen, and Iron Man 3 than they spend on Disney games for their phones.  I hope the people I worked with reap the benefits of Disney's gaming division's increasing profitability.  Recently there have been some high points, such as Star Wars Commander, and I know people have good ideas.
    Certainly this role helped me by giving me a chance to work with some popular technologies in a professional capacity.  The RESTful service endpoints I worked on touched various systems, allowing me to work on Spring and EasyMock daily.  To a lesser extent, my work involved working with Redis and the Netty non-blocking IO framework.  I touched upon a subset of OpenStack, memcached, and a bit of MongoDB.  The whole thing was built under the principles of continuous integration through Maven and Jenkins.
Got to keep my Hawkeye
(for Disney Infinity 2.0)
    From a pure learning perspective, through internal Tech Talks I was exposed to a large enterprise's thinking on location awareness through geo-fencing and beacons, how to design services to take advantage of cloud deployment, operation issues within the cloud, and legal and technical issues arising from targeting an audience under 13 on the internet.
    I'll end by saying that I do not believe that modern software engineering practices make it easier for a company to shift work overseas.  In another post I'll argue that such practices actually increase demand, and that the risks are biased towards finding local talent.  Speaking of which, my years of experience give me an appreciation of what the new tools do well, while allowing me to recognize when a particular problem has already been thoroughly solved by a more proven technology.
    I do know some doctors and pharmaceutical executives, so my first instinct is that these people don't need our supervision.  After all, even if malpractice is the third leading cause of death, heart disease and cancer are number one and two.  So I'd leave the people fighting one and two alone.  The main issue here for me is that the insurance companies might well sell your kid to the devil, and they are in this fight.
    If something like Provigil can be prescribed to shift workers or Silicon Valley executives, might doctors also take it?  Perhaps, and they might be correct in taking it.  I didn't get a whole lot of sleep in the final days of my wife's pregnancy, and I wasn't checking on anyone else.  Recent news pieces suggest that drugs are not terribly uncommon in other industries.
    I'm also not convinced that drug tests can determine if the doctor was on while he was working.  Some drugs take longer to leave your system than the time that they actually are affecting you.  Also, cheaper tests are subject to false positives.  It would seem that some effective cold medicines can show up on an amphetamine test, for example.  It is hard to say, because there is a lot of baloney out there around drug tests, because the police or their agents want you to crack under interrogation.
    The very fact that they need you to crack is pretty good evidence that not all tests are 100% accurate.  On the other hand, we could just let the accused argue this in court.
Update: New indictment states misconduct began in 2009.
    I've written about the five current vice officers (some working my neighborhood) who came under indictment.  Given misconduct caught on video started in South of Market back in 2010, this has been a long road.  Finally one additional officer who no longer works for the San Francisco Police Department has plead guilty.
     Reynaldo Vargas has now turned state's evidence in the Federal case against his former co-workers.  I'm happy to hear that progress is still being made despite the vacuum left by Attorney General Eric Holder.  Holder had shown leadership in investigating corrupt police, and finally in bringing an impartial investigation to Ferguson.
    It seems like AGs have a limited lifespan after standing up to unmitigated power.  John Ashcroft was felled in his stand against Stellar Wind (XKEYSCORE), and Holder took the big hit for Ferguson.
SelectQuote San Francisco headquarters.
    I've been pretty busy with work recently, and I haven't had much of a chance to follow up on Lisa Lillard's post. The first thing that jumps out at me is that it appears SelectQuote is employing a divide and conquer strategy to keep works down. Lisa having an African American husband, and going through chemotherapy suggests to me that she has perspective, and probably doesn't blame every little problem on African Americans.
    Perhaps some of the powers at be feel workers are too inclined to listen to one another these days.  Management decided something needed to be done to isolate groups and keep resentment on other workers, not the bosses.
    A few more details have leaked out. A central figure in the allegations is a Shannon Cannon. Sources have alleged a string of incidents from him, but nothing has stuck. Another important angle to this story is the identity theft. Recall attempts to fake online profiles of a couple of ex-SelectQuote employees.
    SelectQuote operates Affordable Care Act exchanges in some states. If the government is pushing people towards these fraudsters, the damage could multiply.  Sources suggest as many as 20 life insurance agents quit in response to troubles at the company.   Also mentioned in passing were oddities such as video cameras in the bathrooms.
    One of my sources in Kansas City has brought up further allegations against SelectQuote Senior.  Executives' affairs within the office, sex parties, identity theft, and prescription drug fraud.  I'll let Lisa tell it in her own words, before editorializing or bringing up further information I have received.  From her post on my Facebook page:
Lisa Lillard-Austin
More in the world of SelectQuote Senior division:
Recently an agent by the name of Shannon Cannon was arrested on the job for IDENTITY THEFT AND PRESCRIPTION DRUG FRAUD in Leawood, KS. Did SelectQuote terminate this man? No. Instead they keep him writing Medicare policies! I found a total of 9 felony charges brought against this man and yet management keeps him. Why might you ask? He is a black male who is part of the "boys club" at work. See management has been letting African Americans run all over any other race in the office right down to physically harming white employees, including myself. Also most, not all, of the executive team is having inter office affairs and most are married and they protect each other's secrets, or so they thought. These are not wild nor random accusations, they are fact and there is factual evidence right down to sex parties at Leigh Montgomery's home with other employees. Recently 15 agents simultaneously resigned because of behaviors witnessed directly by them between said agent and two members of management. Inappropriate touching as well as caressing. Would you want your Medicare information with someone who steals it? Did the company notify Medicare or potential clients who might have been affected? No, they never notified anyone. Don't do business with a company that employs an identity thief and fraudulently obtains prescription drugs? And believe this, he wasn't the only one who got arrested for these crimes!

    As I look through Google's reports, it is sometimes mystifying how people get to my pages from certain phrases.  A popular one lately is Michelle Mei Tan.  Perhaps someone is confusing Michelle Min Tan, and Director Ian Kirwan's wife, May Yun Chu.  She sometimes consulted on Java work.
    Michelle Tan does seem to be a source of confusion.  Michelle Lee is also a source of visits, perhaps related to Michelle Tan's husband Jong Lee, who has been in the thick of things.
    People search for a lot of sex on the internet, I've occasionally written stories that might get some of these clicks: spurious data analysis on women who read a popular book series involving bondage and power play, sexier advertising, and absurd laws on consensual oral sex.
    Less clear is where queries involving hurting sex, how to have sex without it hurting, and unwanted sex.   It isn't a relationship to these topics in Google's eyes due to 50 Shades of Grey.  The queries predated that article.
    Also, I see slave religion, slave wanted poster, and others.  I'm not seeing on or off page seo factors leading to ranking for these terms.  This is mystifying in contrast to relative weakness on SelectQuote and select quote related queries.
    Some core topics are sticking, I get great variety on SFPD, San Francisco police, and some of the officers involved in scandal.  I'd think my blog is most valuable for people researching SelectQuote before dealing with them, but it is good to have some recognition on general interest topics.
    Which is more like the Boston Tea Party, the Ferguson protests or the Tea Party?  I know that there can be a tendency to dismiss such a protest, by saying "Look at those people destroying their own neighborhood."  But they have forced the world to notice Ferguson, which really were pretty long odds.
    The community seems pretty organized, and really they are showing a fair amount of restraint.  Not that I have statistics, but sometimes it seems like when white people finally have had enough of government baloney, they go the lethal lone wolf route.  Escalation to lethal force isn't always the answer, but I wonder if a little of our peanut butter in the Ferguson protestors' chocolate would give them more power.
    The kind of lone wolf that cause massive manhunts tends to have a hunting/survivalist background.  If a bunch of men from Ferguson participated in deer season this year, would authorities take them more seriously?  A typical 308 Winchester round at 500 yards is going to have two to three times as much energy as 9mm at the muzzle.